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After countless of trips to the Philippines and having spent thousands of dollars I finally share with you the secrets of the Philippines without losing the shirt off your back.


“You Too Can Go To the Philippines and Enjoy the Women and the Lifestyle Without Ever Having Gone There Before and Save Hundreds If Not Thousands of Dollars!”

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to attract women here in the states or for that matter anywhere in a developed country? No matter what you do and how hard you try you always seem to finish last. Why is it that you’re still single and why can’t you manage to find the woman of your dreams?

At one point I was in the same boat as you. Trust me when I say it is not your fault and you’re doing nothing wrong. I am considered your better-than-average looking guy who has a decent paying job. Yet, as hard as I’ve tried I have not been able to find my dream girl here in the U.S.

The women here in the U.S. have their own code of ethics on what they want in guys and unfortunately not all of us fit in those guidelines.

That is why I discovered the Philippines. The “Promise Land” where all men are babe magnets regardless of your age, weight, ethnicity, income and social status. Ever since my first visit to the Philippines back in 2001 I have been hooked. I was in over my head initially and after having spent thousands of dollars I have learned the ropes on how to be the “MAN” in the Philippines. With the expertise I have obtained I will share with you the secrets on how to manage a playboy lifestyle during your visit there on pennies on the dollar!


checkmark No boring historical facts or insights. You’re getting an unbiased travel guide for the single guy traveling to the Philippines.
checkmark Countless of tips from how to meet women to how to save hundreds of dollars on your trip.
checkmark Learn personal safety tips such as my "Dynamnic Duo" tip.
checkmark Anything and everything you need to know from the minute you get off the plane to the moment you return home.


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An Interactive eBook With Photos and Hyperlinks to Make Your Reading Enjoyable!

This eBook is easy to read and contains no senseless ramblings. It gets straight to the point on what you need to know when meeting the woman of your dreams in the Philippines. Included in the eBook are several of my own personal photos that I’ve taken over the years during my trip to the Philippines. No royalty-free stock photos here folks! These are photos from my own personal collection.

What makes this eBook different from others is that this is a travel guide. There are other eBooks floating around online but they were written for people who intend on relocating to the Philippines permanently. This eBook was written personally by me, a fellow traveler to the Philippines like yourself, and contains unbiased facts and opinions.


What People Are Saying...

The Philippines is a head trip. Without this eBook I would have not been able to survive. This book saved me tons of money and more importantly my life. As a English teacher in Korea I don't make too much money. The money I spent to purchase this eBook was the smartest thing I could have done.

Philip P.
South Korea

What People Are Saying...

Holy S**t!!!

I wish I had this kind of information when I first went to the Philippines. I'm ready to go back and party like a rock star!

Todd G.
Boston, MA, United States

What People Are Saying...

Let me say that this guide has done me justice. I am a Filipino guy who was born and raised here in the states. I recently made the trip out to the Philippines for the first time with my family to visit relatives. Although I have relatives there and they’re clearly capable of knowing what to do I purchased this guide anyway. I was very impressed. The information in this guide was right on the nose. It doesn’t get better than this. In fact, I’m happy to say that I met a girl while I was there and we plan on getting married in the near future.

Teddy C.
Oakland, CA, United States


It Is Important To Ask Questions...Questions Like:

checklist Will I really meet a Filipina during my trip?
checklist What is expected of me from the ladies once I get there?
checklist How much money will I spend or save?
checklist Is this too good to be true?


These are great questions to ask. For the record it is guaranteed that you will meet a Filipina whether or not you purchase this eBook. However, it is entirely up to you to make the very important decision to purchase this eBook and if you don’t that can be a very expensive mistake. This is not a gimmick. These are time tested tips and guidelines that I personally put to use every single time I visit the Philippines.



Even If Money Is Not An Issue You Owe It To Yourself To Obtain The Valuable Information I Provide!

It doesn’t matter if you’re financially wealthy and you can travel to even the farthest corner on this planet. There is other crucial information in this eBook that can make your trip to the Philippines a knowledgeable one. The safety tips alone are beneficial to you and can be the major factor that makes or breaks your vacation in the Philippines.


Want More!?!

I’ll give you more. This is what you get with your purchase free of charge.


checkmark My own personal email address where you can ask me any specific question. I’ll personally respond to your email within 48 hours or less!
checkmark Free updated copy of the eBook every time I revise it for life. As long as I’m alive and kicking I will send you an updated copy at no extra cost to you!
checkmark You’ll get frequent newsletters. My newsletters are sent out on several occasions throughout the year including my own personal travel dates to the Philippines. If we happen to be in the Philippines at the same time we can meet and drink a cold beer together!
checkmark Access to more photos online from my own personal collection. You’ll get to see many photos of gorgeous women from my many trips to the Philippines!


What People Are Saying...

I was skeptical at first but this is not a joke. I speak affirmatively when I say that this eBook will ease any concerns that you have about traveling to the Philippines. As a first time traveler to the Philippines I had no idea on what to expect and where to go. I was tired of wasting my valuable time going to various sites to do my research. After I purchased this eBook I was kicking myself for not having found this site sooner. I want to thank you for writing an eBook that is so helpful for us guys to refer to when traveling to the PI. Not only is the price more than reasonable but anyone who comes across your site and don't make the purchase is making a foolish mistake.

Parul L.

What People Are Saying...

My brother and I recently made the trip to Angeles City. I live in Australia and my brother lives in Europe. We hardly ever see each other so we decided to vacation in the Philippines. I had no idea it was going to be like this. Girls galore! I swear I never had so many women in my life. I’m going back whether my brother goes back or not. Your book is the greatest. I’m serious when I say this. The price that you’re asking for your book is filthy cheap. You need to ask for more money.

Ryan T.

What People Are Saying...

I’m a shy guy. I don’t have much experience being with women. I went to the Philippines because it’s close to my home. I enjoy reading the book and the information was good. I met wonderful women and felt safe after reading your book.

Meng T.


Forget What Other Websites Are Telling You!

There are many websites that caters to men on how they can meet and marry the woman of their dreams. However, let me be the first one to inform you that it is illegal to solicit Philippine women to meet foreign nationals through a mail-order syndicate or through personal introduction (Republic Act 6955). The only thing those websites are good for are charging over-priced fees and coordinating organized events to meet local women. If that is what you’re interested in then so be it. But why pay all that money?! As mentioned before I can almost guarantee that you will meet a woman on your own. Now imagine yourself after you meet the woman and how irresistible you can be with the knowledge you’ve obtained from reading the eBook. The choice is yours!


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You Will Not Find the Information Provided in this Book in a Lonely Planet Travel Guide.

For that matter you won't find this kind of information in any travel guides on the market. My eBook was specifically written with one goal in mind and that is to write a no-holds-barred travel guide for the male traveler visiting the Philippines. Again, there are no boring facts and insights written in the book. Everything in the book gets straight to the point in regards to what YOU need to know about the women and the lifestyle you can have during your visit there.


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How Much Is This Worth to You?

Don’t be a financial victim in the Philippines!

As cheap as the Philippines may be you can easily get in over your head and spend more than you expect. Don’t take that risk! Save yourself a headache and heartache by purchasing the eBook. Consider this an investment towards your trip to the Philippines at an incredibly low price of…




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Think about it. For the price of 2 Starbucks coffee you can have in your possession all the information you need to know on how to be the man in the Philippines! As of now, you can purchase the eBook at the sale price indefinitely. Once I decide to discontinue the sale it will go back to its original price.



This is an incredibly small sum compared to what you can be spending without reading it. I can promise you that at the minimum you will spend 50 times more than the cost of this eBook. What you’re spending here is just a small portion of what you will be spending in the Philippines. Make the smart decision to purchase this eBook for your benefit.

If You Are Ever Unsatisfied, Beyond Philippines is Backed By An Unconditional, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee...

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