Beyonde Algae Calcium-D

Product Description

Beyond Calcium – Good Dietary Supplement. Chico, Fiber, Calcium and Vitamin D. For those who want to supplement calcium and minerals for bone, teeth, hair and nails.

Net Weight 15 grams x 15 packs

Notification number / 13-1-02954-1-0696


Throw 1 product (15 g) in water 120 ml, once a day.


1 pack (15 grams)

Chickpea Fiber (92% Inulin) 8g

In 1 pack contains 7.36 grams of fiber.

Calcium from red algae 850 mg.

The amount of calcium is 250 mg.

Powdered orange juice 300 mg

Vitamin D 3 100 International Units

Beta carotene 1 mg.

Vitamin E 555 Units International

No preservatives, no color, no synthetic flavor.

Food additives: sweetener instead of sugar (INS 416, INS 331 (iii)) Sticky Condensate (INS 414) Additives (INS 640) Lumps (INS 551)


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