Beyonde Maqui Plus Gift Pack (6 ready to drink bottles)

Product Description

Juniper Berry Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract Gingerbread Extract Grape seed extract Asbestos Extract Ascorbic Acid Extracts


Net Weight 50 ml x 6 bottles


Notification number / 10-3-08945-1-0191


Take 25 ml of water each time. Mix 1: 1 water twice daily, morning and night.


Marigold Supplements 25 ml.

Red grape juice 2690 mg.

Shock Biscuit Concentrate 1345 mg.

Mix Mixed Berry Mix 896.66 mg.

Cranberry concentrate 896.66 mg.

Powdered Kiwi Berries 134.50 mg.

Artichoke Leaf Extract 53.80 mg.

Seasoned Extracted Beans 53.80 mg.

Grape seed extract 8.96 mg.

Asiasis Berry Extract 0.89 mg.

0.83 mg.

Raspberry powder 0.89 mg.

Contains Food Additives Concentrate (INS 440) Preservatives (INS 211) Information for food allergen: Sulfite and dairy products (lactose)




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