Beyonde Omeg 3 Plus

Product Description

Salmon Oil Products Wheat germ oil Garlic Oil Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E


Net Weight 30 Capsules


Notification number / 11-1-08548-1-009


Take 1 capsule daily with 1 cup of water.


Omega 3 Plus Supplements in 1 capsule contains:

Fish oil 800 mg (contains polyunsaturated fatty acids)

144 mg.

Dodo Hexagonal Ionic Acid (DHA) 96 mg

Saturated fatty acid 208 mg)

Wheat germ oil 100 mg.

Vitamin E 15 units worldwide.

Rosemary Oil 10 mg.

Garlic (3000: 1) 83 g.


Food additives Emulsifiers (INS 494, INS 433) Sticky Concentrates (INS422)

Information for food allergy: There are sulfites and soy products.

Natural scent with orange peel oil. No preservatives



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